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Note:       The Textual part of these descriptions were done                    by:Maggie Yanor, B.A., B.Ed. Astrologer:

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T2P 3C2
         to  Zodiac Suns
(Masculine, Fire)
Planetary Ruler:          The Sun
Dieties:          Ganesha, Thoth, Hatha, Diana, Hectate, Nemesis
Nature Spirits:          Dryads
Directional Angel:          Archangel Micheal

Colours:          Yellow, gold
Meditational Colour:          Yellow-green
Stones:          Cat's eye, carnelian, jasper, fire agate

Trees:          Hazel, adler, cedar
Herbs:          Chamomile, St. John's wart, bay, fennel, rue, orange
Flowers:          Sunflower, marigold
Scents:          Frankinscence, heliotrop
Animals:          Lion, pheonic, sphinx, dragon
Birds:          Crane, falcon, eagle

Day of the Week:          Sunday
Tarot Cards:          Queen of Wands and Strength
Lucky Numbers:          (2, 8, 21, 27, 33, 39, 45)

Has the lion roared today?  His hair must have been close to perfect then.  Many LEOS have hair that resembles a lion's mane and they will spend most of their grooming time doing their hair and if it's not exactly right, the day will be started off with a roar.  Even a simple haircut can be a traumatic experience for a LEO because they never seem to be able to get it the way they would like.

Of course, LEOS are interested in much more than hair.  They love adventure and will seek it out if it doesn't go looking for them. A LEO grandfather of mine had just about every exciting job imaginable and was also an excellent story teller, (a typical LEO attribute).  His stories were so exciting that none of the children would speak of even breathe when he told a story.  LEOS are often terrific with kids and are like kids themselves when they are around them, (this is not necessarily long term though).

LEO is the romantic of the Zodiac.  Affairs of the heart are what they live for.  LEO men will wine and dine their dates and spend big money on entertaining and impressing them, (but you must make sure that he is the center of your evening out).  LEOS in general are usually very generous.  LEO ladies want to be wined and dined with the best that money can buy, (and if you don't make them the center, they won't stay for long).  When a LEOS ends a relationship, it does not take them long to bounce back.

Many actors are LEOS.  A childlike quality can be a great help when playing a role.  Some famous LEOS are;  Robert Redford, (when a LEO smiles, it is as though the Sun has appeared and Robert Redford certainly has a dazzling LEO smile), Napoleon (this little adventurer forced the Sun to shine), May West (her hair was not the only attraction), Jacqueline Kennedy, Lucille Ball, Arnold Swartzenegger, Martin Sheen, and Melanie Griffith.

Every Astrological Sign has dominance over part of the body.  LEO rules the heart.  The heart can be either strong or weak, depending on how the Sun is positioned in their chart.  When there was a major LEO Astological aspect in late 1975 to mid 1978,  there was a drastic worldwide increase in heart problems such as heart attacks.
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