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(Masculine, Fire)

Planetary Ruler:          Jupiter
Dieties:          Hathor, Hecate, Neith, Athene, Minerva, Ixchel, Osiris
Nature Spirits:          Snow Faeries, storm Faeries, winter tree Faeries
Directional Angel:          Archangel Micheal

Day of the Week:          Thursday
Tarot Cards:          Page of Wands and Temperance
Lucky Numbers:          (4, 10, 16, 22, 35, 41)

Colours:          Royal Purple, Golden yellow
Meditational Colour:          Deep Purple
Stones:          Serphentine, jacinth, peridot

Trees:          Pine, fir, holly
Herbs:          English ivy, fir, mistletoe
Flowers:          Poinsettia, Christmas or Yule cactus
Scents:          Violet, patchouli, rose geranium, myrhh, lilac
Animals:          Mouse deer, horse, bear
Birds:          Rock robin, snowy owl

The "archer" is the eternal optimist of the Zodiac.  Take a look at the SAGITTARIUS in your life, does he have a penchant for truth?  Does his curiosity take him/her to places that you have no interest in?  Does he want to know the answers to everything? Is he a crusader for the underdog?  Does he have more nerve than brains?  Does he get himself into and out of scrapes more times than you care to know?  When he gets into fixes, have you noticed how easily he comes out smelling like a rose in spite of the odours of others around?  SAGITTARIANS are lucky because they believe they will be lucky.  They know everything will turn out no matter what the present state of events may be.  Not only are they optimistic, but they also usually have a great sense of humour.  This gets them through the most trying times.

Do you recognize some of these famous SAGITTARIANS?  Mark Twain, Pope John XXIII (great advances for humanitarian reasons, unseen since his demise), Sir Winston Churchill, Tina Turner (SAGITTARIANS often have great legs), Jane Fonda, Frank Sinatra, Dionne Warwick, Terri Garr, Tim Conway, Dick Van Dyke, Patty Duke, Don Johnson, Phil Donahue, and Chris Evert.  It is also interesting to note that SAGITTARIANS are the athletes of the Zodiac, but when they are not on the playing field, they can trip on almost anything and you can often see them walking into things such as telephone poles.
People born under this sign take their time in deciding to make a relationship permanent.  They often have a fear of losing their freedom and as a result, will delay, procrastinate and generally make excuses for not getting too serious.  If they feel that a partner is getting too possessive, they will bolt, like a wild horse.  They are often capable of maintaining more than one romance at a time.

Every Astrological sign has dominance over a part of the body. SAGITTARIUS rules the hips.  This is usually the first place they will put on weight.  Their hip joints can also be a source of aggravation, (this again depends on the aspects in the chart)
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Note:       The Textual part of these descriptions were done                    by:Maggie Yanor, B.A., B.Ed. Astrologer:

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