The monkey and the tiger used to be the next-door neighbors and were very good friends. The tiger was so fierce that all the other animals where afraid to approach him, so he clung tightly to his only friend, the monkey.

One day the tiger became caught in a hunter's net. Crying out for help he was heard by the monkey, who dashed up the tree to untie the ropes of the net and free him. After this, the tiger owed a great debt to the monkey. He was aware, however, that if the monkey told the other animals what had happened they would not take him seriously again. He thought about killing the monkey to contain his secret, but realized that if he did this he would be unbearably lonely. Consequently, he decided to help the monkey instead, to pay off his debt.

When it came to the selection of the animal signs, the tiger was one of the top prospects. The monkey's chances were not good, though, so the tiger decided to speak up for him. In front of all the other animals he praised the monkey's intelligence and ability, thereby ensuring the monkey a place among the animal signs. In this way, he paid off his debt to his friend.


You have natural intelligence, which enables you to watch what is happening, and then act accordingly. Even in conversation you are aware of what is going on around you, particularly if it affects you; you then make a mental note of what is said and done and store it away for future reference. You are lively company and a good listener, so others often share their sorrows or their good news. A secret is safe in your hands, and you are honest in your dealings. You like variety in your life and enjoy the company of others; most monkey people usually have an active social life. One of your strengths is you ability to adapt and respond to different situations, and when you are asked for advice it is well thought out.
Although you are generally trustworthy and unlikely to hurt someone out of spite, you do not let people escape if they behaved badly or damaged your reputation; indeed, it would be unwise for someone to cross you too many times. You have a wily nature and bide your time knowing that a good opportunity will come your way. Your determination to achieve what you want can make you appear vain or manipulative, so be careful that this does not damage your friendships. Sometimes it is wiser not to pursue your goal and simply let things pass.

Most people born in the Year of the Monkey have an excellent memory, and when others are fishing around for names or numbers you usually come up with the right answer. There is something in your openness and willingness to help people that allow them to forgive the more shrewd side of your character. You can be friendly and very alluring, which makes you a welcome addition to a party, but there is also a deeper, more tender side to your nature which is moved when you see someone in trouble.

Monkey YEARS: Positive Elements
(1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956,
1968, 1980, 1992, 2004)


You are attracted by romance and its excitement, and you probably have a lively love life. Partners are drawn by your openness, good humor and your interest in the world around you.
You know how to put people at ease and even the shyest person could soon be caught up in your enthusiasm for a new scheme. The difficulty lies in making a commitment, but when you finally settle down you rarely stray.

When you begin a relationship you can occasionally be unpredictable or childish; your partner may make a small mistake and you take it as an insult, or you suddenly have a mood swing for no apparent reason. It will not take long for the right partner to calm this nervousness and insecurity. Once the relationship is established you prove to be a supportive, adaptable and dependable partner. Your capacity to be charming and your energy and cheerfulness also enable you to create firm friendships. Even when a relationship is over you will probably still be there if former partners need you in times of trouble.


Your versatility and quick reactions make you suitable for a wide variety of jobs. Those born in the Year of the Monkey are intelligent, usually well read and often intellectual, and once you set yourself a target you rarely fail to achieve it. There are certain skills that you can acquire easily and these are the ones to concentrate on; you should know your limits and not gamble or speculate. In fact, most monkey people are good at assessing risks and have a keen sense of financial situations.

You rise to new challenges and hammer away at a problem until you find a solution. Even when a situation looks disheartening you explore all possible avenues until you find a promising opening. Your good organizational skills, combined with an astute and creative approach, are suited to work which involves investigation and speedy responses.

You are suited to a career in media finance, management, the police or public relations. You would also be a good designer, skilled manual worker, surveyor or planner.

pubs and alcohol
established religions
being manipulated
depending on others
doing without money
purely physical work
the achievements of others
conventional people
compromising their independence


a challenge
cares about listening to other's problems & worries
casting horoscopes
alternative belief systems
to travel
decorating their house
reading tarot cards
visiting friends
games of chance

Famous Monkeys:

Francesca Annis, Michael Aspel, Jaqueline Bisset, Julius Caesar, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Johnny Cash, Joe Cocker, Joan Crawford, Timothy Dalton, Bette Davis, Bo Derek, Jason Donovan, Michael Douglas, Mia Farrow, Carrie Fisher, Fiona Fullerton, Jerry Hall, Tom Hanks, Nigel Kennedy, Gladys Knight, Walter Matthau, Princess Michael of Kent, Kylie Minogue, Peter O'Toole, Robert Powell, Debbie Reynolds, Little Richard, Diana Ross, Boz Scaggs, Tom Sellek, Omar Sharif, Wilbur Smith, Koo Stark, Rod Stewart, Jacques Tati, Elizabeth Taylor, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Leonardo da Vinci.
Don't leave yourself open to attack or else people may try to take advantage when you're not up to your usual tricks. Be patient during the Year and keep a low profile, that way you'll stay out of trouble. 
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