One autumn in the early days of humanity, the heavenly ram came down to earth. He saw that the people seemed depressed and sickly, and soon realized that the cause was the lack of crops. In heaven, the gods were accustomed to vast fields of grain, but none grew on earth by decree of the Jade Emperor himself.

The ram thought this was unjust and decided to steal crops for humanity. When he went back to heaven, he sneaked into the fields and plucked up the grain seeds. Returning to earth, he gave the seeds to the people and explained how to sow them. The first planting reaped a bumper harvest; the people were ecstatic, and thanked the ram for his generosity.

News of this drifted back to the Emperor, and in a rage he ordered that if the ram wanted to feed the people so much he should be slain and his body fed to the humans. This was done, but the next year a new ram appeared on the same spot where the heavenly ram had been killed, the first of the rams as we see them today. When the people heard that the Emperor wanted to select twelve animal signs, the ram was one of the first to be suggested. Bowed by the people's will, the Emperor was forced to forgive the ram and offer him a place.


You are a considerate person, you think before you act, and are troubled if you think you have unknowingly hurt someone else. If you have caused unforeseen problems or accidentally let someone else down, the chances are you will step forward to remedy the situation and re-establish the troubled friendship. It is this gentle and trust-worthy side of your character that not only helps you to maintain a good social circle, but also enables you to deal with life's ups and downs.

You are sensitive to the world around you, perhaps even too sensitive, as you often misinterpret situations. When faced with the unexpected you can be hesitant and nervous, since you are a peaceful person who tries to avoid unnecessary conflict. You also have the nature of a wanderer and are happy to set off on journeys to meet people and to see the world. As long as you do not head into strife-torn territory or are confronted by troublemakers, you travel confidently. Your journeys also have a more unconventional, spiritual dimension; you hold strong beliefs yourself, and are stimulated by the beliefs that guide others.

It is often the simple things in life that give you the most pleasure; a wonderful view, a beautifully created object or an inspiring piece of music will keep you happy and entranced. This dreamy side of your character could account for the fact that you do not like to make rules any more than you like to live by them. The last thing you want, or need, is to be held to a strict timetable. The urge to follow your instincts also reveals an obstinate streak, and this desire to find your dream can make you dissatisfied with what you already have. Sometimes good opportunities do come your way but you hold back, as it is hard for you to make a quick decision. Life's comforts are important and you do not want to put them at risk.
Ram YEARS: Negetive Elements
(1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955,
1967, 1979, 1991, 2003,  2015)


You need to feel secure in love and if your partner behaves indifferently it can leave you feeling very unsure of yourself. You have an emotional nature and are easily moved to tears, although it is often hard to explain why.

Despite this, however, you lack the confidence to express your emotions, and as a result you may miss good romantic opportunities. The pressure of approaching strangers or making conversation with new acquaintances makes you uncomfortable, and you are more likely to meet a partner through friends.

You do not like to feel overpowered in a relationship, nor do you relish having to abide by strict terms or conditions. You are gentle and romantic, in need of protection, but equally your creative spirit should not be suppressed. On the other hand, your partner may find your unconventional nature or hesitancy irritating but often this is forgiven because you have a kind heart. At times your absent -mindedness can be interpreted as thoughtlessness, but it is not in your nature to upset others intentionally.


You have an ability to turn your fortune around  just when everything seems bleak, something or someone turns up to help. Try to avoid routine jobs or ones that demand continual decision-making. You have a relaxed approach to life, and although you can take responsibility, giving orders is not your strong point. Rigid schedules make you feel trapped, and your easy sense of timekeeping could land you in trouble in a strictly regulated job.
It is likely that you have a flair for art and design and enjoy creative work that also gives you flexibility. The idea of having to fight for a position or compete with others induces worry and stress, so choose something that gives you an element of freedom and peace. When you are both comfortable and stimulated you can adapt well, and once you have found the right niche your talents will flourish.

You are suited to a career in the arts, advertising or research. You would also be a good designer, writer, librarian or philosopher.

to be made to choose
unwanted responsibility
to be involved in others' problems
hostile atmospheres
to offend others
emotional scenes
doing the accounts
taking the initiative


to please others
to make people curious
to forgive and forget
parks with fountains
marble statues
costume dramas
to be taken care of
beautiful people
Famous Rams:

Jane Austen, Anne Bancroft, Cilla Black, Elkie Brooks, Coco Chanel, Nat "King" Cole, Catherine Deneuve, John Denver, Ken Dodd, Douglas Fairbanks, Mel Gibson, Paul Michael Glaser, Mikhail Gorbachev, Larry Hagman, George Harrison, Hulk Hogan, Isabelle Huppert, Julio Iglesias, Mick Jagger, Paul Keating, Ben Kingsley, Franz Liszt, John Major, Michelangelo, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Nimoy, Robert deNiro, Oliver North, Des O'conner, Michael Palin, Keith Richards, William Shatner, Freddie Starr, Lana Turner, Mark Twain, Rudolph Valentino, Vangelis, Terry Venables, Lech Walesa, Barbara Walters, Andy Worhol, John Wayne, Tuesday Weld, Bruce Willis, Debra Winger.
This is a year of mixed fortunes. By staying abreast of the opposition, you'll be able to stay on top of things. On the homefront, all is calm but again, care is needed to avoid getting drawn into family squabbles. Take advantage of what promises to be a busy time ahead by creating new and beneficial contacts. 
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