A long time ago, the snake and the frog were very good friends. Then, however, the snake had four legs and the frog had none, crawling on his belly as the snake does today. Ironically, the snake was lazy and relied on the frog to catch insects for him; in doing this, the frog also helped the people by getting rid of pests, so naturally the people liked the frog and distrusted the snake.

Angered by this, the snake began to bite humans and their animals, hurting - even killing - many people. Although the snake was summoned before the Jade Emperor and asked to stop, he was an obstinate animal and he continued. As a punishment, is four legs were taken from him and given to the frog.

Ashamed by his past behavior, the snake turned his efforts towards helping the people in an attempt to redeem himself. He helped his relative, the dragon, to control the rains and he donated his body to be made into medicine after his death. Impressed, the Emperor gave the snake a place just after the dragon in the animal signs. Although this pleased the snake, he couldn't help hating the frog for stealing his legs; which is why snakes still try to eat frogs today.


You are decisive and active, stimulated by thoughtful debate and interesting conversation, although if the conversation becomes repetitive your attention soon wanders. It is unlikely that you will tolerate idle chatter for long, preferring instead to focus on new ideas and intelligent discussion. When you find a particular topic stimulating, you often make unusual and challenging contributions.
You are a good judge of situations and are alert to new possibilities, so when you have an idea you pursue it persistently and energetically. You are often so confident of its success that you fail to listen to constructive advice, but what really disturbs you is the thought of actually being proved wrong. Although you do not easily take advice you are patient with others when they need your help, and your ability to look at a problem from a variety of angles is appreciated. When faced with a dilemma you are cool and reserved, and it is this clarity of vision that enables you to act decisively. You act with speed and conviction when you are committed to a task, since you believe intensely in what you are doing and rarely waste time or energy on projects lacking in good potential.

However, your life is not all work and competition, and when the opportunity arises you know how to wind down and relax. You can only keep up your energetic approach for so long before you find a means of escape and withdraw into a more private world to pursue your hobbies and enjoy life's luxuries. You make trusting and long -term friendships and are a protective and caring friend. Your anger, however, can be quickly aroused, and you will soon retaliate if you think someone has taken advantage of your trust or hurt those close to you.
Snake YEARS: Negetive Elements
(1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953,
1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 2013)


You have a very seductive nature, and when you have resolved to woo someone you plan your moves carefully and do not abandon your quest lightly.

You are a humorous and romantic partner who jealously guards important relationships; even if you wander off to flirt with others, you are determined not to lose what you already have. You like the attention that romance offers but do not want to feel trapped, and you also enjoy discovering new friendships, although this may create tensions for the partner left behind.

Sometimes you have one set of rules for yourself and one for your partner - you need space to travel and explore without having to account for your movements, yet you keep a wary eye on your partner's activities. But when you are romantically involved you are also loving and attentive, stimulation and playful, although it takes time for you to reveal your fears or discuss your weaknesses. Ideally you want a partner to give you freedom, but you also like the security of sharing intimate moments in relaxed and cosy surroundings.


You can read complex situations quickly and then set about resolving them in a quiet, controlled manner. You enjoy working independently since it gives you the freedom to travel and negotiate on your own terms, as well as allowing you to avoid the possibility of your ideas being limited or even taken over by others. You are a logical and organized worker and have the patience needed to acquire new skills. Many people born in the Year of the Snake are also gifted with a good memory that enables them to carry out projects thoroughly.
You are courageous and determined, able to spot potential trouble and react immediately, but once you have achieved your goal you usually withdraw to gather your thoughts and rest. After relaxing and recuperating you gather your energies once again to prepare for new challenges.

You are suited to a job in public relations, politics, law or catering. You would also make a good astrologer, archeologist, entrepreneur, psychologist or philosopher.

people getting out of control
to be found gullible
predjudiced people
to be made an example of
disputes and violence
to lend or give others money
superficial people
to be abandoned
fake anything

to please others
dressing to impress
confiding and hearing confessions
deserts and wild landscapes
to impress others with their knowledge
a good debate
to spend extravagantly on themselves
abstract art
harmony and stability
to be asked for help

Famous Snakes:

Muhammad Ali, Ann-Margret, Kim Basinger, Tony Blair, Pierce Brosnan, Tom Conti, Randy Crawford, Jim Davidson, Bob Dylan, Henry Fonda, Mahatma Gandhi, Greta Garbo, Art Garfunkel, Dizzy Gillespie, Stacy Keach, Howard Keel, John.F. Kennedy, Carole King, James Last, Dame Vera Lynn, Linda McCartney, Mao Tse-tung, Nigel Mansell, Dean Martin, Robert Mitchum, Bob Newhart, Ryan O'Neal, Dorothy Parker, Pablo Picasso, Mary Pickford, Andre Previn, Helen Reddy, Griff Rhys-Jones, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mickey Rourke, Franz Schubert, Brooke Shields, Paul Simon, Dionne Warwick, Charlie Watts, Ruby Wax, Oprah Winfrey, Virginia Woolf, Victoria Wood, Susannah York.
By keeping their spirits high and resisting the urge to strike back over petty irritations, quick-witted Snakes will manage to sidestep any major upheavals in this Year and indeed, will be on the receiving end of a welcome helping hand.
Summoning Spirit
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