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SUN Signs
the Ram
{21 Mar - Apr 19}
the Bull
{20 Apr - May 20}
the Twins
{21 May - Jun 20}
the Crab
{21 Jun - Jul 22}
the Lion
{23 Jul - Aug 22}
the Virgin
{23 Aug - Sep 22}
the Scales
{23 Sep - Oct 22}
the Scorpion
{23 Oct - Nov 21}
the Archer
{22 Nov - Dec 21}
the Goat
{22 Dec - Jan 19}
the Waterbearer
{20 Jan - Feb 18}
the Fishes
{19 Feb - Mar 20}
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Independant, pioneering leader . ambitious, optimistic, energetic, direct, daring, headstrong, impulsive, idealistic, confident, capable, but self-centered, hot tempered, and impatient. Good at planning, working alone, constructing, developing, building, task accomplishment.
Stubborn & practical, thoughtful, preserving, possessive, realistic, down to earth, security minded, patient, sensual, sometimes reserved. Needs concrete results. Good at finances, negotiations, consulting, working with property, achieving concrete goals.

Flexible & changable, mental, veristile, adaptable, diversified, capable, alert, confident, studious, curious, eterprising, skillful, energetic, communicative, changable. good at writing, directing, lecturing, fashion, art, dealing with people. Capable of doing two or more jobs at one time
Moody and brooding; Emotional, changeable, testing, kind, considerate, focusing, worrying, cranky, but hom loving.  good at net building and intuitive pursuits, metaphysics, cooking, homemaking, crafts,  although emphasis on home life, can be adept at business and is able to seek other resources if needed.
Can be mental, analytical, scientifically mided, objected, factual, ingenius, perfectionist, discriminating, cold, sometimes, independent and restless, not overly ambitious, does for others but axpects more back. Good at Science,  analizing, research, other exacting tasks, can be sependent and /or not social.
Outspoken, blunt & direct  but charismatic, instinctive, easily bored, sexual, progressive, future-oriented, sportive, subject to wondering, sometimes edgy or lackadasical.  God at Athletics, politics, teaching or  instructing, philosophy, studious pursuit, tinkering & making things work.
Fair, just, balanced, perceptive, humanistic, poised,  sensitive, compassionate, selfless. Can appear wishy-washy because weighs all before making decision.  good at Legal things, enforcement, military life, public relations, the psycological counceling, has eye for balance & composition in art &decor.  
Spiritual, psycic, clairvoyant, magnetic, intense, secretive, sexual, deep, complex, removed, but in control, sometimes overpowering. Good at the occult, clandestined activities, counceling, things which penetrate, unravel and discover, also criminal activities.
Qpinionated, public minded, charitable, determined, pragmatic, Idealistic & hopeful. Dedicated, aspiring, compassionate, friendly, sensual; but often detached & impersonal. Needs to rule self & others, doesn't like to relinquish authority. Intuitive and psychic good at creative pursuits, psycology, writing & inventive things.
Impressionable, reflective, sensitive, emotional, vulnerable, warm, loving, romantic, imaginative, intuitive, psychic, sometimes flaky, youthfull, Good at bohemian pursuits, Arts & crafts, drama, poetry, the occult, dancer, or anything dealing with illusion. Needs others to control, but, may finishes what they start.
Ambitious & professional, studious, productive, patient, takes responsibility & credit.  Practical, conservative,  loving & giving but sometimes moody& given to depression, or dependency.  Good Producer, manager,  executive responsibility. what they lack in talent they make up for in preservence & determination.
Dynamic & affectionate, generous, loyal, adventurous, fun- loving, dragmatic, impulsive, daring, proud, passionate, honest, aloof, competetive, egotistical, confident, & professional.  Good at anything in the limelight. Acting, entertaining, creator, artist, musician, fashions, sports.  Must be in charge at home.

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Your SUN Sign reveals much about your Nature. 
But remember, your SUN SIGN is ONLY one of the many aspects of your attributes.  What follows are brief descriptions of some "SUN SIGN" characteristics.
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The Individual descriptions DO NOT mean that a person born under this sign is exactly like this.  A person's Astrological make-up is very complex and can be a combination considering their MOON; and other Planetary signs; (depending on the time and place of birth.  Most of us behave more like our "SUN SIGNS" when we are "ourselves" around  familiar people.  But;  we behave differently with strangers or in unfamiliar situations.          
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